Biomarker Licensing

ARES Technology platform contains a large collection of samples from a number of pathogenic bacteria as well as the related sensitivity data for a wide selection of antibiotics. The strains were isolated from patient samples which were carefully selected across multiple geographies (USA, EU, Asia) and cover the last three decades to reflect resistance development and variability over time. Based on its proprietary technology platform, Ares Genetics offers a broad selection of thoroughly characterized proprietary AMR biomarkers and biomarker candidates which are open for licensing on molecular diagnostics systems or other customer selected devices.

Biomarker Discovery

ARES Technology platform provides a biomarker engine to rapidly identify potential novel biomarkers, biomarker combinations, and algorithms predicting antibiotic resistance, as well as novel targets for antimicrobial drugs. As such, the platform covers an unparalleled warehouse of genetic resistance data and analysis workflows which can be readily applied for biomarker discovery for additional pathogens, approved therapeutics or compounds under development.

Assay Development

At Ares Genetics, we have profound experience in assay design and assay development ranging from PCR to NGS-based diagnostic systems. ARES Technology platform leverages the comprehensive GEAR content along with publicly available data on pathogen genomes for automated assay design to optimize performance characteristics of your molecular diagnostic assays.

Data Solutions

ARES Technology provides benchmarked applications for data analysis. Applications include genomic data analysis from NGS raw data, identification of genetic variations in microbial genomes and predicting the response of the respective bacterial strain to antibiotics. Additionally, the platform serves as a modular Research Toolbox that can be tailored to answer your specific research interest in a customized solution.