Target selection and Hit-to-lead

ARES Technology allows you to leverage 30 years of evidence in the development and spread of antimicrobial resistance and facilitates valuable insights into the biology of pathogens. Based on proprietary bioinformatics workflows and the ARES Technology, our BioIT team can help you to select and identify novel AMR targets and in-silico assess the likelihood of emerging resistance to your compound by evaluating co-resistance mechanisms.

Preclinical Solutions

Integration of ARES Technology into your drug development process will substantially accelerate your mode-of-action projects and contribute to the positive outcome of your clinical trials. Comprehensive and efficient in vitro resistance testing services combined with customized data solutions provide a detailed map of your compound characteristics before you enter into clinical trials.

Clinical Solutions

As part of the Curetis group we unify solid experience in classical molecular diagnostics together with future-ready next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology. Deep characterization of pathogens and resistance mechanisms enables informed inclusion/exclusion of patients and improved trial design. Based on rapid point-of-care MDx solutions using Curetis’ off-the-shelf panels or customized drug-specific panels ranging from 5 to 100 + targets designed by Ares Genetics we offer all-encompassing solutions to accelerate your clinical trials accelerated patient enrollment and evaluation.

Companion Diagnostics

Supporting your drug development process with ARES Technology will allow to identify biomarkers for Companion Diagnostics. Our customized MDx solutions based on rapid PCR or comprehensive NGS technology enable future-ready Companion Diagnostics solutions to improve patient outcomes, compound efficacy and expand the Product Lifecycle.