Molecular Epidemiology

ARES Technology is the enabling platform for epidemiological research as it provides high resolution whole genome information on a broad range of clinically relevant pathogens. Our technology facilitates strain typing via multilocus sequencing types and detection of clonal distributions for high risk clones due to DNA encoded resistance and virulence mechanisms. 

Outbreak Monitoring

Whole genome sequencing has become the microbial typing method of choice in outbreak studies and is increasingly applied by national surveillance programs for infectious diseases. ARES Technology leverages the content of GEAR database, the most comprehensive collection of pathogen genomes matched to their resistance phenotypes to 21 antibiotics. Outbreak monitoring and risk assessment based on our curated antimicrobial resistance database significantly improves the accuracy and effectiveness of disease surveillance programs.

Functional Analyses

ARES Technology facilitates valuable insights into the biology of pathogens based on more than 11.000 thoroughly characterized clinical pathogens. Combining ARES Technology and in-silico modelling with functional analyses, we inform and accelerate the development process for diagnostics and therapeutics.

Antimicrobial Stewardship

Quick, reliable and accurate diagnosis of microbial infections and antibiotic resistance reduces the length of in-patient treatment and eliminates the need for broad-spectrum empiric therapy. This in turn dramatically improves the outcomes of patients suffering from severe microbial infections, and maintains the value of existing antibiotics for further generations. ARES Technology informed decisions support physicians to select the optimized, personalized treatment and enable sustainable Antimicrobial Stewardship.